2017 | Sauvignon Blanc

Floral notes, along with banana and Bosc pear create the aromatics of this perfect sipping wine. The palate showcases stone-fruit, ripen apple and tart citrus, with a fresh acid tail.

2017 | Sauvignon Blanc

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Enjoy the pure expression of cool-climate Niagara fruits with a wine full of Niagara character. This Sauvignon Blanc presents a clear, pale yellow colour fading to water-white rim. Enjoy grassy flavours of lychees and nectarines on the nose that smoothly transition to the palate with notes of straw and green apple. This invigorating wine concludes with a smooth and lasting finish. Enjoy with rich creamy pasta sauces, or barbecued seafood. Chill to 8 Celsius.

12.5 % alc. / vol.
750 ml per bottle

Weight 1 kg